Ute Hire

Offering reliable and cheap Ute rental services in Sydney and beyond, Aussie Rental has the facility, range and services you have been looking.

If you need to carry furniture or pick up deliveries from the hardware store, you may require something bigger than a car. Renting a Ute for a day or a few hours is an easy and cheap way to make access to the space you want.

Hiring a Ute from car rentals in Sydney, like Aussie Rental, is easier than using a regular rental company. If you only need Ute for one hour or a few hours, why pay for all day? With Aussie Rental, you can book a Ute from one hour and pay only for the required time. Also, you can pick up and return the Ute at a time that suits you, so you don’t get stuck in the store’s opening program.

Hire Ute from Aussie Rental in Sydney

Whether you are travelling or need to rent a cheap Utes for a business or other purpose, come to Aussie Rental for the most reliable and affordable rental Utes. For many years, Sydney residents have been relying on us regularly to get cheap rental options. We value customer service very well and strive to offer you a Ute hire experience in Sydney. Some focal points about why you should rent our cars.

  • Clean, modern and well-maintained trucks and Utes are given.
  • Our competing pricing structure assures whether your job is small or large, hiring Ute from us will assure that it is affordable.
  • Open-top cages on Utes ensure that you can fill in the full capacity. It is easy to open from the back, load and lock for sure.
  • Power steering gives a smooth ride while air conditioning assures a comfortable ride.
  • We are dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction.

Speak to us today by calling our expert team to explain your requirements or contact us online and we will answer within 24 hours.


Get the work done fast with Ute hire from Aussie Rental

We have a modern fleet of Toyota 4×2 Tray Utes, Utes with Ladder Racks, Double Cab Utes, Cargo Delivery Utes and 5-Seater Crew Utes. Therefore, whether it is short term hire or long term car rental, we have a variety of Utes and Vans accessible. Further, we have the most famous Utes available, including Ford Falcon Utes for rent and Toyota Hilux, with dual cab options. So, it is easy and secure to drive away with an approved car license.

At Aussie Rental, we believe in providing cheap cars rental Sydney service throughout Sydney. So, hire Ute to move your property cost-effectively. You can choose a suitable 2, 3 or 4-hour timeframe, a full day rental, or weekend rental options. See our array of Utes online today and call us today for a free quote to see how affordable Aussie Rental can be!

Hiring Utes in Sydney is simple, easy and economical

Our Utes are equipped with spacious seats for two, automatic or manual transmission, air conditioning, flexible steering and even a stereo.

Each has a long, wide side drawer with multiple anchor points, which means they can shift all kinds of loads:

  • Hardware and furniture
  • Bulk landscaping equipment
  • Pipes and timber
  • Even pallet full-size shipping

Our fleet consists of late-models of the most trusted and believed brands in Australia. Each Ute is serviced regularly and backed by roadside assistance, 24/7. To settle your load, we have a range of Utes and vans available for hire.

Rent to Own Utes

Along with our Ute rental service, we also offer rent to own Utes for local traders. Therefore, you can still buy Ute if you are looking for a new Ute purchase, but it does not meet the requirements set by the bank. Our long-term rent to own Ute could be the solution you are looking for.

Hire Utein Sydney at Aussie Rental

Are you looking for a cheap rental in Sydney that won’t break the bank? Rent a car with Aussie Rental. We are one of the most reliable car rentals in Sydney. Moreover, we have a large range of low mileage Utes, so whether you need it for a long term project or a one day job, we have a solution that meets your needs. Besides, there are no hidden fees and no bad surprises. Just hire a stress-free Ute, easy and safe. From Artarmon to Sydney’s central city and airport, no matter where you stay, you can find Aussie Rental near you.