Motorbike Hire

Looking for the best place to rent a motorbike in Sydney? Aussie rental is Sydney’s leading car or motorcycle rental service provider. At Aussie Rental, we offer the latest in standard motorcycles, and all-new, fully equipped bikes to enjoy your vacation or adventure in Sydney.

Whether you want an East Coast cruise on one of our latest Harley-Davidsons motorbikes or enjoy an off-road adventure in the most remote areas of Sydney aboard KTM or BMW motorcycles, we have a bike to suit your needs. We use the best fleet company in Sydney that you can buy, so you can ease and enjoy your ride by renting a motorbike from Aussie Rental in Sydney. We also offer motorbike rental equipment to complement your travel essentials.

Conditions of Motorbike Hire

  • You must have a full valid driver’s license and be over 25 years old
  • In the event of a complete loss of the motorbike, through damage resulting from a collision, loss or theft, the tenant is liable for the full increase in the bike, equal to twice the amount of security deposit
  • Required three forms of ID, license, passport, and recent house bill
  • Motorbike must be returned with full fuel tank and clean
  • Road type motorbikes must not be taken on unmade roads, tracks or beaches

Learn to Ride Motorbike with Aussie Rental in Sydney

Are you learning to ride motorbikes? And need training for the MOST tests? All of our motorbikes are LAMS certified and conform to the models used for licensing tests in Sydney.
Our motorbikes and scooters are eligible for the Sydney Practical Riding Test, so hire an automatic or manual motorbike to train, prepare, and successfully pass the test. Further, switch between our various models and see what works for you.

Honda Motorbike Hire in Sydney

Learning a motorbike ride can be a lengthy process. Luckily, you can have a lot of joy while learning. As you need training once you get your provisional license and learner license, you will need to find a motorbike permitted under the LAMS (Learner Approved Motorcycle Scheme). Renting is an excellent way to reach a motorbike for the learner without having to buy it. Plus, Aussie Rental makes it simple to hire a Honda motorbike in Sydney.

Ducati MotorbikeHire in Sydney

If you are in view of buying Ducati or want to know what these impressive engines can do, hiring Ducati is an accessible way to experience the action without buying it. These motorbikes are designed for speed and are meant for racing. Unluckily, it may be tough to find Ducati for rent in Sydney. Indeed, Aussie Rental is Sydney’s only rental service with the full series of Ducati motorbikes available.

BMW Motorbike Hire in Sydney

BMW Motorbike tours are a great way to see the scenerynearby Sydney. If you are looking for a daytime trip or just a little longer, the Sydney districts offer plenty of exciting outings. If you are visiting Sydney, renting a BMW bike from Aussie Rental is an easy method to make the most of your trip.

Work ready Motorbike Hire

Earn money by riding our motorbike hire for work and becoming your boss. Our motorbikes are ready for delivery, and we provide all the papers required for registration at Uber Eats, Deliveroo, Yello, EASI and Menulog. Take benefit of our reasonable rates and save cash on registration, insurance, taxes, maintenance, and roadside assistance.

We are pleased to have a full fleet of brands here at Aussie Rental, where you spend your business hours on reliable, smart and smooth drives. Get the most out of your job with 24-hour Emergency Replacement and Roadside Assistance Service, which raises your profits and reduces downtime.

There is no Better Idea to Explore Sydney than the Back of a Motorbike

For many riders, the cost of buying a new bike can be a major concern. Renting a motorbike is the best way to explore Sydney without having to deal with the stress of title. If you know Sydney’s amazing and exciting locations and want to explore places on your bike, renting a motorbike in Sydney is one of the best options.
Aussie Rental specializes in all types of high-end motorcycle rental, including Honda, Ducati, BMW, Harley Davidson, and more. Our team of experts and pros will give motorbike devotees with all the knowledge needed to plan a great tour around the city. Our motorbikes are well kept and available at weekly and daily rental rates.